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We are a creative content production studio. We are storytellers that see endless possibilities in modern production techniques. Storytelling meets IT and shapes the future of getting your message across.

Video Content, Social Media productions, Video Headers, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Video Games, Artists Impressions. Content Production comes in so many shapes and sizes. Visuals are all around us now. Everything goes to screen and it happens very fast. Lots of mobile devices, continuously updating streams of images.

There is a extremely large audience in the world that turns to these screen devices to get their information. Entertainment, News, Social and your audience is even producing content and sharing it themselves. Where do you stand in all this? Is your brand, your message still visible? Do you reach your audience? Which platforms and content should you use? Do you know your audience or are you in need of a different audience.


once upon a time...

We believe the beginning of it all has not changed. So many options available but it is still all about the story. You need to let your audience, experience your adventure.

That is where we start! And we start working on this outline together. We forget about all the options for a moment and start fresh with a brand new sheet of empty paper. We are looking for the one sentence that captures it all. The outline for your script. The premise of your business.

myStory wants to be your partner in getting your story visually produced and out there for your audience to enjoy. To really experience it.

Whether it is an event, a brand, a product or an important message. We want to create awesome visual content and find the perfect platform, or even build a new platform if necessary to present that content. We want to take care of it all.

So let’s get together and start writing that successful outline for your script! The synopsis of your adventure. Let us tell your story and live happily ever after together.

The end.

some of our stories

Atrium Tool
by Crozzroads

scheidt&bachmann promo
st-21 next generation at the NS

my rØde reel short film competion 2016
panama papers production plan

National Geographic
Nuclear Lifeline

  • myStory – Post Production
  • HeadQ – Post Production & Audio Mix

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